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The final months of saw a strong anti-Ershad movement. This is exactly what pacifists have done in phrasing the disagreement as nonviolence versus violence.

The ensuing court case was turned by Dellinger and his co-defendants into a nationally-publicized platform for putting the Vietnam War on trial.

How Nonviolence Protects the State

Day said she was doing "public penance" for the United States' first use of an atom bomb. More than 30 independent but affiliated Catholic Worker communities had been founded by Bythe Estonian Supreme Soviet was transformed into a regional lawmaking body, and soon afterward Estonia achieved economic independence from the Soviet Union and recognition of Estonian as the official language.

Inher father, who was a sports writer devoted to horse racing, took a position with a newspaper in San Francisco. No one has suggested blowing them up or indiscriminate property destruction, but a calm deliberate cutting of a fence with a minimum of hardware can gain entry into a site otherwise not accessible.

The majority wanted a theocracy, and that was what they got. As such, we can more accurately be described as proponents of revolutionary or militant activism than as proponents of violence.

Since the media is owned by many of the companies who are also exploiting the poor and disadvantaged in the United States and abroad, the view of anti-globalization organizations is not in the interest of the media sources.

Meanwhile the United States was busy expanding its concept of Manifest Destiny. His father was a lawyer and a prominent Republican. I had started my journey as a recovering white male. The Supreme Court officially registered Solidarity on November When we remember that history is written by the victors, another layer of the myth of Indian independence comes unraveled.

Peacemaking Websites

This connection, and power, has remained with me ever since. Inside three people had been fasting for fifteen days, and more and more people gathered outside in solidarity. But this process depends partly on whether there is a long campaign, or whether the initiators were mistaken in their estimation of the follow-through ability of the movement on a controversial tactic.

Davids, Pennsylvania, in Shortly after we arrived, the Vietnamese base commander, Col. How does one get empowered. At first, this may seem like I am building a straw-man argument; however, I include the words or actions of reformist pacifists only in reference to campaigns where they worked together closely with revolutionary pacifists and the quoted material has relevance to all involved, or in reference to social struggles cited as examples proving the effectiveness of nonviolence in achieving revolutionary ends.

The small group of demonstrators, usually under ten people, had a specific and symbolic target that was attacked prayerfully. He dispassionately discusses events he obviously felt passionately about, in order to provide some food for thought to the activists of today.

Dorothy Day

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Dellinger's commitment to nonviolence was put to the test over the years. He was imprisoned, abused to the point of torture, force-fed, kept in solitary, splattered with red paint, beaten up, clubbed by police, vilified by the press, but stayed true to his principles through it all.

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Revolutionary nonviolence: essays by Dave Dellinger.

This essay delves deeply into the origins of the Vietnam War, critiques U.S. justifications for intervention, examines the brutal conduct of the war, and discusses the. The days and dates on this calendar mirror the days and dates forand you can enjoy the great articles, essays and more!

David Dellinger

Our edition is a desk calendar and a catalogue of 63 films and videos that promote peace and nonviolence and oppose war and warmakers.

Revolutionary nonviolence essays dellinger
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